Hello, I'm Ahmad Husen.

A simple guy who likes write code.

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Since a young age, I've really liked the design. At that time, I even wanted to be an architect. When I was a junior high school student, I began to recognize the internet and web. From that moment, everything changed. I so much liked the design of the web than the picture on canvas. Now, I 'm studying the front-end and back-end developing. As I studied, I also made some applications, designs and templates. You can see some of them below.
If you have a project and was interested in working with me, you can contact me via email on the bottom of the page. Of course, even if you were just to say hello and talk, I'd be very happy if you contacted me.

"Sometimes, you can use your imagination to design something."

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Tepsi adalah sebuah aplikasi web yang dibuat untuk keperluan psikotes online. Aplikasi ini memudahkan kita untuk mengadakan psikotes jarak jauh (online). Fitur yang ada juga cukup banyak. Didalamnya sudah ada pemberian hak akses berbeda pada setiap user dan admin. Untuk fitur lengkapnya, silahkan lihat dibawah ini. Fitur: Manaj...

"But, if in programming, you can put your ideas into code."


Selamat pagi, kawan-kawan sejagat maya ini. B...

On Friday , 13 May 2016

"And lastly, remember, you can always write code anywhere and anytime."


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